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10 Career-Building Tips For Aspiring Publicists

Posted: October 1, 2014

PR professional Kandis Knight offers advice to rookies

By Kevin L. Clark

Talent is an attribute that can be blessed upon anyone, meanwhile being famous is something gifted by the Hollywood gods.

For veteran publicist, Kandis Knight (@KandisKnightPR), she is well-versed in the arts of creating exposure for those with flair. The Atlanta-based press agent has worked for many corporate and independent brands such as 3 Hill Productions and the Soundset Festival. The latter, which took place this year, ballooned to 50,000 people in attendance due to her contribution.

With 16 years of experience, she has continued to espouse her knowledge of the industry to those interested in getting into the business. recently caught up with Knight through the wonders of Twitter, where she offered up a few insights from her decade-plus in the red-carpeted trenches.

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