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One Night Only Festival of Classics at Mizner Park Cultural Center

This Spring, stay tuned for a One night only of Shakespeare, his Contemporaries and theatrical experimentation — the Legacy of Joseph Papp and ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ is explored by Avi Hoffman, who hosts five companies sharing classic literature, theater and impacts on American culture

Boca Raton, FL

For one night only, Monday March 16th, 7:30pm at Mizner Park Cultural Center, Actor Avi Hoffman will host a ‘Festival of Classics’ exploring the man, Joseph Papp, who was literally ‘Shakespeare in the Park.’ Joseph Papp’s daughter, Susan, joins Avi to share special moments with the audience and clips from a documentary about the early days in New York when the famous producer and theater director built a moving stage to bring Shakespeare to many neighborhoods and residents who had no exposure to theater. Many of the young people interviewed who attended the free performances took up careers in the arts working as actors in Papp’s productions.

Hoffman knew Joe Papp personally and will introduce a ‘scene’ from productions by South Florida theater companies creating works from the Golden Age of Literature to the Counter Culture revolution of the 1960’s including:

‘Romeo and Juliet’ Shakespeare’s play from Shakespeare Troupe of South Florida — SToSF

‘Julia + Roselo’ Lope de Vega’s play produced in conjunction with SToSF and Grace Arts FL — GACFL

‘Macbeth’ Shakespeare’s play produced by New City Players

‘Song of Deborah’ a musical interlude inspired by 1960’s social justice movements produced by GACFL and Emily Ricca Dance Collective

‘King Lear’ Shakespeare’s play produced by Thinking Cap Theatre

‘Joseph Papp’ ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ — Hoffman interprets a number of documentaries and written recordings of the life of Papp and his work in 1960’s New York to establish free Shakespeare performances at The Delacorte Theater, an 1800 seat outdoor theater in Central Park, at West 81st Street and Central Park West.

Joe Papp in 5 Acts Documentary Clip. Courtesy Avi Hoffman

Joe Papp

The evening will end with a meet and greet with the artists including new 2020 projects.

What the Actors Are Saying about Festival of Classics….

What: Festival of Classics with Special Guest Susan Papp

Where: Mizner Park Cultural Center 201 W Plaza Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432

When: March 16th 2020, 7:30pm

Tickets: Click Here

For media interviews contact Clare Vickery of Grace Arts Fl 954–816-3324

Produced in collaboration with Grace Arts Florida

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