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Boy Band RT5 Urges Fans to Quarantine & Chill

Break out hit from Miami Boy Band RT5 Creating Social Media Buzz in a Life Saving Way

Miami, FL

The South Florida Boy Band RT5 has never been one to shy away from a challenge. They’ve performed on stages before audiences both large and small. The Haitian Group comprised of close friends and brothers were hoping 2020 would represent a new start after moving from Atlanta back home to Miami. And then came Coronavirus. It would be understandble if they felt defeated but that’s not who they are said RT5 Member Jason Mompremier, who also serves as the group’s manager.

“We saw this pandemic as a calling for us to showcase our singing talent while at the same time delivering an important message that will save lives,” Quarantine & Chill,” said Mompremier.

Mompremier said many of his peers were not taking the virus seriously enough early on because they thought it only affected older people. “But now we know anyone can get it and it’s important not to be selfish and spread it. We cherish our senior citizens so we need to step up and do everything in our power to help save lives and if that means singing about it, well that’s what we’re good at,” said Mompremier. Check out their breakout hit on Tik Tok @RT5Music.

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