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“She Got Game®” Founder Tandaleya Wilder Celebrates 20+ Years of Empowering Women’s Sports Coverage

Miami, Florida

Sports fans who hear the phrase “She Got Game®” may not know it’s associated with the nation’s first women’s sports podcast. Tandaleya Wilder, a pioneering National Public Radio sports journalist, entrepreneur, and CEO of She Got Game® Media, trademarked the phrase more than 20 years ago when she and a group of talented journalists including Former WNYC Producer Eddie Granado and Stephanie Simon of NY 1 launched “She Got Game®: A Celebration of Women in Sports.” The show aired on WSHU Public Radio in Fairfield, Connecticut and was syndicated nationally as 1 hour women’s sports specials.

“Working with Tandi and helping to brainstorm women’s sports stories at the time was amazing, said Granado. I knew she was on to something big. She’s a true pioneer when it comes to women and girl’s sports coverage.”

The highly-produced show included Q&A’s, music, long-form feature stories, and even sports trivia. The show was a pioneering broadcast that offered a platform for women athletes and their achievements in a way that wasn’t being done before. It won several national and regional awards before it ended its run due to budget challenges. Wilder later transformed the She Got Game® brand into a successful PR & Radio Production Agency based in Miami, Florida.

Her trailblazing success with “She Got Game®” has inspired countless imitators and even some trademark infringers but, undeterred, she continues to produce original sports content that empowers and showcases women athletes. Today, Wilder’s daily “She Got Game® Sports Minute” podcast can be heard on She Got Game® Media’s popular YouTube channel and on Meta @ She Got Game® Radio.As part of the anniversary celebration, Wilder is releasing vintage best of interviews with sports icons from the Gracie Award-winning show, “She Got Game®: A Celebration of Women in Sports.” The interviews will be available on She Got Game® Media’s YouTube channel and website. They include candid discussions with legendary gymnast Mary Lou Retton, figure skater Dorothy Hamill, soccer star Mia Hamm, and even a Wynton Marsalis tribute to the late track star Flo Jo, among others.

“As a visionary, Tandaleya saw the need for women sports coverage years before the mainstream media. That’s when she launched the She Got Game® radio program. She continues to be a trailblazer as she expands the She Got Game® brand,” Angela Hill , Senior Video Producer, The Washington Post.

Wilder’s contributions to women’s sports have not gone unnoticed. She has been recognized by numerous organizations, including the National Association of Black Journalists, American Women in Radio and Television, Legacy Miami and the Women’s Sports Foundation. Her Alma mater Temple University also inducted her into the school’s Hall of Fame in recognition of her pioneering women’s sports coverage and advocacy. She is also a long-time contributing sports commentator for NPR.

Wilder has interviewed countless elite women athletes, including tennis legends Serena and Venus Williams, Boxing Champion Laila Ali, Tennis Legend Billie Jean King, among others.

“When ‘She Got Game®’ first aired, Donna Lopiano, the former Executive Director of the Women’s Sports Foundation, said, ‘As far as we know, there are no other women’s sports radio shows that run on a weekly basis like “She Got Game®.”’

“My passion for empowering women in sports has never wavered,” said Wilder.

To learn more about Women’s Sports Trailblazer Tandaleya Wilder and The Real ‘ She Got Game®,’ visit Follow her on Instagram at @SheGotGame®Media and catch the Daily She Got Game® Sports Minute Mini Podcast on YouTube @SheGotGame®Radio . Check out the She Got Game® Sports Minute getting viral like views on Tik Tok.


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